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Harmony and well-being comes from within. Peace, tranquility, water and herbs cleans the body and soul, and can give you the good feeling of being satisfied. Both the spa treatment, the rooms and proximity to the nature outside takes you out of your everyday life. We have made every effort to get you a true sensible experience - the good moment.

We offer many different types of spa treatments, so you'll definitely find one that suits your needs and wishes. You can also order a meal, explore the sauna area or enjoy the relaxation zone.

Geiranger signature treatments 

50 minutes turkish hamamritual NOK 990 
Hamam is a traditional cleansing ritual and a complete journey to your inner self. You lie on a hot stone in complete moisture. Heat, steam, foam, fragrance, and massage do miracles, and activate all your senses. After the treatment, you can relax in your own room with a nice apple tea. This treatment is suitable for couples or if you want to experience it alone, you are more than welcome.

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85 minutes special treatment NOK 1410 
We have made a treatment with a balanced mixture of facial cleansing, massage and hot stones. Enjoy the serene atmosphere!


25 minutes massage NOK 470 
“Knuten” is part of the original Geiranger road from 1889, and characterized as a great art of engineering. If your body is tense after a tiresome work out or hard work, you can relax with a muscle massage to your back, neck or legs. 

50 minutes massage NOK 940 
You should not miss this spectacular viewpoint, with a panoramic view of the Geiranger fjord and the surrounding mountains. Another highlight you should treat yourself to, is a full body massage, the ultimate recreation. Soft, rytmic massage using delicious oils that loosen up tense muscles and boost your energy level - an hour well invested in good health!

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25 minutes massage NOK 470 
This massage relieves any pressure from shoulders, head and face. Let your mind wander, relax and enjoy the soft massage. Get ready to enjoy some heavenly moments! 

Happy feet 
25 minutes massage NOK 470 
You can easily feel the weak spots when you are standing. This massage is for tired hiker feet and makes small miracles in the way of rejuvenated balance and energy. 

Dei sju systrene 
25 minutt minutes massage NOK 470 
50 minutt minutes massage NOK 940 

The most famous waterfall in Geiranger is “Dei Sju Systrene”(The seven sisters). The waterfall has a 300 meter drop and the waterfall got the name because from a distance the waterfall looks like the long hair of seven women. If you want a massage but are not sure what treatment you would like, try this massage. We will tailor the massage to your liking. We will compose a massage that will suit you perfectly.

Book Dei sju systrene (50 min for 2 ppl)

85 minutes hot stone massage NOK 1410 
“Laushornet” ranges 1500 meter over the Geiranger fjord with its mighty drop. We recommend a lovely hot stone massage using hot stones, repeated movement and aromatic oils that relaxes your muscles, skin and senses.

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Facial treatments 

25 minutes facial treatment NOK 470 
The mouintan top “Dalsnibba” ranges 1500 meters above the Geiranger fjord, and the view is magnificent. The treatment with the same name is one of the highlights in Geiranger. This treatment is perfect after a long day. It gives your face a light, but refreshing treatment based on the concentrated formulas that moist and calm your skin. 

40 minutes facial treatment NOK 650 
At ’Flydalsjuvet’ you can enjoy the most spectacular view in Geiranger. We can offer you a rejuvenating eye treatment as spectacular as the view at ‘Flydalsjuvet’. We sculpt and pluck your eyebrows, colour your eyelashes and eyebrows and finish off with a refreshing rinse. 

The bride`s veil 
55 minutes facial treatment NOK 940 
One of Geiranger most famous water falls is The bride’s veil. The treatment with the same name consists of a refreshing ritual that brings moisture to your skin using ingredients from nature. The treatment gives your face a fresh glow and improves the moisture level of your skin, leaving you looking and feeling younger with a radiant glow. 

55 minutes facial treatment NOK 940 
This treatment is named after another famous waterfall ‘Friaren’ (The Proposer), which suits all men. This is a deep cleansing treatment, which increases circulation and brings moisture to the skin and have a lifting effect. This treatment brings back the natural glow to your skin. 

85 minutes facial treatment NOK 1410 
The midwife route goes along the steep and dangerous mountainside, with hurdles such as the ’Djupgjelet’ engpass, which is a legend in the history of Geiranger. Our most effective facial treatment is named after this amazing engpass. By using active ingredients from nature, your face gets moisture and regains the natural glow to your skin, and has a lifting effect. We can promise you a complete relaxation for both skin and mind. 

85 minutes facial treatment NOK 1410 
The characteristic mountain where you find ’Dei Sju Systrene’ is called ’Kniven.’ This treatment is inspired by the special mountain pass. A treatment with deep cleansing which gets rid of dead skin cells, using a firming mask. Your skin will be as good as new without any impurities. Excellent both for ladies and gentlemen.

Body treatment 

The mountain hikers dream 
30 minutes body wrap NOK 650 
Complete relaxation. A very serene experience with the feeling of total quiet. This is the best reward you can give your body after a long day of hiking in the mountains. Wrapped in a delicious mix of fruits, herbs, algaes or minerals that have a rejuvenating effect on your skin and body. You ‘flow’ gently in a bed filled with warm water. After the wrap, you can enjoy a relaxing time in our recreation area wrapped in soft towels. 

20 minutes scrub NOK 450 
This is a deep cleansing and peeling of your skin with a mixture of salt, fruits, and herbs from nature. Essential oil massages stimulates your skin circulation and makes the base for these soothing body treatments. This is the first step in all the treatments we offer. 

30 minutes organic body ritual NOK 400 
The beautiful mountain farm “Knivsflå” is situated in the steep mountainside; close to “Dei Sju Systrene”. Water is the base of this wonderful steam treatment, either alone or in the company of up to three friends or just you and your loved one. The treatment is called serail and consists of a mask with minerals that are filled with nutrients that have an extra strong effect in the steam bath. A hot shower complete the treatment. You will feel as refreshed as ever. 

Stimulating fjord dive 
50 minutes body wrap NOK 940 
We start off with a refreshing scrub, and then you will receive a firming wrap that stimulates your skin, increasing your circulation. You will feel extra light and rejuvenated for the 

Manicure and pedicure

Geiranger spa manicure 
50 minutes manicure NOK 940 
We take extra good care of you with a hand bath, mild scrub, mask, nail care, hand massage and nail polish. 

Geiranger spa pedicure 
50 minutes pedicure experience NOK 940 
Your feet deserve nothing but the best after a long and active day. Your feet are treated with a delicious bath, a foot scrub, nail polish and soft and soothing creams. This treatment gives your feet new energy. 

Colour and depilation 

Colour your eyelashes NOK 250 
Colour your eyebrows NOK 250 
Gentle depilation of eyebrows NOK 250 
Gentle depilation of lip NOK 250 
Gentle depilation of cheek NOK 250 

These treatments are in addition to facial treatment. 
Gentle depilation, bikini or armpit NOK 350 
Gentle depilation, legs NOK 350 
Gentle depilation, back NOK 350 
Colour your eye brows and eye lashes and adjust your eye brows NOK 350 
Sculpting and colour of eyebrows NOK 350


Geiranger make-up 
55 minutes NOK 720 
25 minutes NOK 420 

We prepare your skin and finish off the treatment with either day make-up or evening make up. Natural glow makes difference. 


Your Body and Baby deserve the best possible care. Before and after birth it’s important for you to seek relaxing personal moments. Ultimate pampering, massage and specialist care to revitalize, restore harmony and calm to your body and mind and enhance your overall well being. 

We suggest you the following treatments: 
• Massage Peak 
• Massage Happy Feet 
• Facial treatments 
• Manicure and pedicure 

Mother to be body treatment 
50 minutes body treatment NOK 940 
Take some well-deserved time to nurture yourself and celebrate the wonderful changes in your body. In this treatment we combine relaxation, water, and touching. Enjoy the stillness and relaxation during this exciting time in your life. 

Mother to be relaxation massage 
50 minutes massage NOK 940 
A massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy and relieve discomfort during your pregnancy. 

Special Deals

Union Spa recommends several combination packages with treatments that suites each other and make the total experience complete. 

For him – NOK 3090,- per person
Includes: Spa entry, Hamam (50 min.), Ørnesvingen (50 min.), Friaren (55 min.), Geiranger Spa pedicure (50 min.), and a snack

For her – NOK 3090,- per person
Includes: Spa entry, Hamam (50 min.), Ørnesvingen (50 min.), Brudesløret (55 min.), Geiranger Spa pedicure (50 min.), and a snack

For good friends – NOK 790,- per person
Includes: Spa entry, Knivsflå (30 min.), Knuten (25 min.), and a snack.

For you – NOK 1690,- per person
Includes: Spa entry, Hamam (50 min.), Ørnesvningen (50 min.), and a snack.