Dear guest!

We look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Union Geiranger. Please read these guidelines carefully before arriving at the hotel to ensure your stay is as safe as possible.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we are implementing mandatory infection control measures issued by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Among other things, these involve more extensive and frequent cleaning. For a period, we are sorry that we also need to reduce or change some of our services and menus. 

This leaflet provides an overview of the measures and changes we have implemented.

We are humbled to receive guests at Hotel Union Geiranger in this summer’s unusual circumstances, and would like to thank you for the trust you have shown. 2 

Access temporarily for guests only 

For many years, Hotel Union Geiranger has been a popular destination for day trippers in the area. We hope this will soon be the case again but, to reduce the risk of infection, this summer we will only be open to guests staying at the hotel. This also applies to Union Bad & Spa, our pool and spa. 

Three principles are emphasised in the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s guidelines: 

• Good hand hygiene 

• Reduced contact between people – minimum distance of 1 metre 

• Anyone who is unwell must be in isolation/quarantine and stay at home 

We will do what we can to comply with this, and hope you will help us. 

If you are in a high-risk group, please notify us in advance, so that we can show you extra consideration. If you feel unwell after arriving at the hotel, please contact Reception immediately.
We have introduced strict infection control measures involving frequent hand washing and other cleaning, and ask for your understanding that this may mean some things take a little longer. 

These guidelines are in force from 29 May and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Last updated 01.07.2020 


All payments must be by card – no cash. All purchases in the restaurant/bar/spa will be charged to the room. 

To make your stay as safe as possible, the reception counter/payment terminal will be disinfected between each guest. Similarly, the baggage trolleys will also be cleaned after each use. 

We would ask that everyone takes note of the hand sanitiser station and information at Reception. We would like all guests to use this every time they come into the hotel. If you need to wash your hands with soap and water, please use the WCs behind Reception. 

When checking in, it is important to keep your distance from other guests and our staff. 

Each room key will be disinfected and placed in a new holder. It is important that you have this with you at all times while staying with us. 

If your room is not ready when you arrive, please leave your luggage in your car, as our luggage room is currently closed. 

All guests must complete a registration form. This information will be stored for ten days for possible infection-tracing purposes. 


Please be extra patient and practise social distancing when using the lifts, so that only guests from one household are in a lift at the same time.
All surfaces both inside and outside the lifts will be cleaned regularly. Hand sanitiser will be provided by the lifts on the main floor. 3 

Common areas 

Please remember to keep a safe distance from other guests and staff in our common areas too. We have set up several hand sanitiser stations and encourage you to make good use of them. 

Guest rooms 

All guest rooms will be cleaned in accordance with strict infection control rules and new routines to ensure they are extra clean and tidy. All scatter cushions and bedcovers have been removed. If you are staying with us for more than one night and want your room to be cleaned, please hang the appropriate sign on the door before 2 p.m. You’ll find the sign in the cupboard in your room. 

Minibar snacks can be purchased at Reception. 

The hotel phone, minibar bottles, coffee maker, kettle and all surfaces have been cleaned. The information folders usually in the rooms have been removed, but please do not hesitate to ring Reception (9) if there is anything you need to know. 

Hotel information is also available on the TV. For room service/room service menu, ring 700. 

Check-out is 12 noon. 


Tables, chairs and other surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly before and after each conference. Tables and chairs must be placed at least 1 metre apart. 

Staff will be present to serve refreshments in the breaks, and there will be multiple hand sanitiser stations. 

Particularly exposed areas and surfaces will be wiped regularly during the conference. Extra care is taken with technical equipment, coffee machines, door handles and other surfaces that are touched frequently. 

Union Bad & Spa 

The infection control rules mean that only hotel guests can use Union Spa, where you will still be able to use our relaxation rooms and book various treatments. However, we have had to reduce the range of treatments and facilities available; see below for details and menu. 

The swimming pool is open for bathing and warming up before treatments, but the sauna and wet room areas of Union Spa are currently closed. 


Please book all treatments before arrival – contact the spa reception for advice on what to choose. The spa reception is manned from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Treatments are available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Please arrive in good time, showered, and wearing a bathrobe and slippers. All the changing rooms are currently closed, so you will need to get ready in your room. 

Remember to practise social distancing while waiting in the spa reception area. 4 


You are welcome to use Union Bad, maintaining a safe distance from others who do not belong to your family/group. The pool is open as usual from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

Please arrive showered, and wearing a bathrobe and slippers. Bring the towels from your room – collect fresh ones from the spa reception/main reception if required. All the changing rooms are currently closed. Remember to hang your bathrobe and swimwear at a safe distance from other people’s. 

The infection control rules require us to limit the number of guests in the pool at the same time, to a maximum of eight in the indoor pool and six in the outside one. Up to two families of three persons each may be in the children’s pool at a time. 

To enable as many guests as possible to use the pool, please limit your visit to 30–45 minutes. If the pool is full when you arrive, please wait your turn. 

Hotel guests who do not want to swim must not be within the pool area. 

Food and drink in Union Bad & Spa 

The current restrictions unfortunately mean we are unable to serve breakfast, fruit, tea/coffee or water in Union Spa. You can buy your own water bottle from the spa reception to use during your visit. Taking your own bottles/drinks into Union Bad & Spa is not permitted. 

If you wish to purchase food or drink, we recommend Kafé Løsta by the spa reception. This serves a selection of simple snacks and drinks, and it’s fine to wear a bathrobe! 

Mobile phones and personal items 

Mobile phones cannot be used in Union Spa. Please leave your phone in your room, together with any other non-essential personal items. You can purchase bags at the spa reception to use if there are any personal items you need to take in. 

Spa menu (from 29.05.2020) 

Aroma massage 

50 minutes 

NOK 940,- 

‘The Seven Sisters’, any style of massage 

50 minutes 

NOK 940,- 

‘The Eagle Road’, classic massage 

50 minutes 

NOK 940,- 

‘Laushornet’, hot stone massage 

80 minutes 

NOK 1410,- 

‘The Bridal Veil’, facial 

50 minutes 

NOK 940,- 

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, as add-on to facial 

25 minutes 

NOK 350,- 

Geiranger Spa, pedicure 

50 minutes 

NOK 940,- 

Geiranger Spa, manicure 

50 minutes 

NOK 940,- 

‘Serail’, heat treatment, as add-on to massage 

25 minutes 

NOK 400,- 

If you would like a warm-up treatment, we can offer a one-to-one clay bath. 

Treatments include entry to the Spa suite, with reduced services due to the current restrictions. 

The spa reception is manned from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Solarium/fitness room/playroom 

Closed due to the current restrictions.5 


The garden is only available to guests staying at the hotel. Here you can relax in garden chairs and at small tables, but remember to maintain social distancing. It will not be possible to reserve loungers. 

If the weather is good, sheets will be put out to cover the cushions on the loungers. These must be removed after use and placed in the basket by the entrance to the indoor pool. 

Refreshments are available from 1 to 5 p.m. Contact the spa reception or Kafé Løsta. 

The staff will clean tables and chairs regularly. Please use the WC in your room. 


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in Restaurant Fjorden. 

Breakfast is served from 7.30 to 10.00 a.m. Monday - Friday, and from 7.30 to 10.30 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Lunch/dinner/brasserie menu available from midday to 10 p.m. 

All guests must reserve a table and time in advance – this applies to breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can do this by contacting Reception. 

The restaurant serves an excellent à la carte breakfast in the morning, the brasserie menu during the day, and a three-course dinner or brasserie menu in the evening. 

All guests will be seated at a safe distance of 1 metre from one another and will be asked to use hand sanitiser at the entrance to the restaurant. All surfaces, tables and chairs will be thoroughly wiped between each use. Tablecloths and menus will be changed between each guest. 

You can find our various menus here. 

Kafé Løsta 

You are welcome to visit our café by the spa reception. Capacity will be reduced due to the social distancing rules. Open from 1 to 5 p.m. 

Lounge bar/Union Dancing 

There is plenty of space in our lounge, and we are open for table service. Please maintain social distancing and use the hand sanitiser provided.
Open from midday. 

Union Dancing is currently closed. 

Please contact us if anything is unclear. 

A warm welcome to Hotel Union Geiranger! 

Best regards 

The Mjelva family and the Staff